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Growing your business is a challenging task. Growth will require you to lead your company into unchartered waters. Growth can come from all different angles, it could be based on deeper penetration, higher frequency, product innovation, geographical expansion, mergers, or acquisitions. To identify the proper growth strategy you need to have a clear understanding of your customers needs, the competitive arena you operate in and the strengths of your own organization. Orange Mountain has been established to support companies in this process.


OrangeMountain Way of Working

Orange Mountain is fully dedicated to support you in growing your business. It follows a proven successful 5-step strategic growth model:

Step 1 -
Step 2 -

Step 3 -

Step 4 -
Step 5 -

Define the strategic intent for the market, current or new.
Define the market strategy needed to achieve the strategic intent.
Define the structure needed to implement the strategy.
Implementation of the agreed strategy.
Incorporation of the growth market into the regular organization.

Orange Mountain can be involved in all five steps or could join a corporate team for a specific phase in the overall process.

OrangeMountain Area of Expertise

Orange Mountain operates with the focus on the end user and a clear understanding of the “route to market”. It has been involved in numerous cases in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market as well as Services and Utilities markets. This in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Far East. The business needs addressed by Orange Mountain range from the development and implementation of Market Entries, Category Entries, Regional Expansion and general Business Development.

Orange Mountain offers the following services:

  • Strategy Development
  • Market Entry support
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Business Development
  • Interim Management
  • War gaming, in association with the MFIB Group


OrangeMountain Team

  Orange Mountain has been founded by Edo Offerhaus, a former Unilever and Friesland Foods Executive. Edo has worked and lived during his professional career in China, Africa and has been involved in numerous global and regional growth initiatives.
Orange Mountain has an extensive network of highly professional and experienced consultants. Most of these partners have actually lived and worked abroad and have been exposed to different cultural and operational complexities.


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